"Our Aim is to help you choose the right pony for you, whether for riding, driving, companionship or conservation grazing"

Recommended Care for Ponies

Can you make sure fencing is secure and there is a fresh supply of water and can be checked at least once a day to make sure they are happy and well?.

When your ponies arrive they really need to be stabled for at least a week until they know you and about eating food from a bucket.  Here we start them on Dengie Alpha A with Oil and gradually add course mix until they realise it is yummy. We put water buckets in old car tyres to start with as they tip them over endlessly until they work it out. If you want some one to head collar train your ponies we can start them here, this costs £50 per pony.

 (IF YOU WISH, WE HAVE INFORMATION SHEETS AVAILABLE ON VARIOUS ASPECTS OF TRAINING YOUR PONY and WE ALSO HAVE ADVISORS WHO WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO ASSIST YOU or find someone who can.) Sarah Weston has also written a very good book on training semi feral ponies.

Worming is recommended as soon as you feel they have got over the trauma of leaving Dartmoor and establish a regular programme thereafter, information sheet available. Keep your passport safely you will need to produce it for veterinary treatment or to sell your pony.

We wish you all the best with your pony and may you have as much enjoyment as we have from these amazing custodians of Dartmoor.

As a final note, please beware of the temptation to overfeed.  These ponies are used to walking 20 miles for their breakfast, if overfed can lead to digestive and laminitic problems.