Services to Pony-keepers and Others

Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony provides help and support to hill farmers who keep Hill Ponies on the Commons. We ensure that what we do is acceptable to, and beneficial for, Dartmoor’s ponykeepers.

For example, we provide a vehicle and trailer and collect wayward or injured ponies, organise veterinary services such as gelding young colts to give them a value so they can be kept, (at least 70 a year) take unwanted foals and ponies for homing (some 300 a year). We are also asked to apply our animal-handling skills to difficult situations, for example providing support to government departments collecting ponies from low animal welfare situations.

We have mobile equipment designed for handling wild ponies; to keep them safe while being treated…and vets!

Friends have developed a Disease outbreak Management Plan with help of the Dartmoor Hill Pony Association for ponies on the Moor. We are involved in stallion inspections alongside Dartmoor Commoners Council and Dartmoor Livestock Protection (along with a show judge and a vet) ensuring set standards for breeding stallions are met before they are put on the moor. We provide back up and support to the dedicated wonderful Dartmoor Livestock Protection welfare officer, whose number is 07873 587561 please call if you have concerns about an animal on the moor.