Helpful Head Collars Sponsorship

The first step for a pony seeking a life off the moor, is to learn to trust humans and wear a headcollar.

Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony has a number of pony-trainers who help the pony trust and a number of fabulous sponsors who sponsor the head-collars the ponies learn to wear. The Tuesday club is a group of volunteers who take the ponies through their minimum of 40 hours training. We can not thank our Tuesday Club volunteers enough for all the hard work they do at such an emotionally important time in a pony’s life.

Our sponsors also allow us to feed the ponies while they are in training, and employ the few number of professional handlers where needed for specialist cases. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please complete the contact form, or donated using the Charity Checkout button on if you are a tax payer, or the Donate button if not.

For a donation of £100 a sponsor can name a foal, feed them while in training, worm them, castrate them and microchip them. Sponsors also help foals which can not be homed due to an underlying problem, giving them a chance to have a fulfilling life being conservation grazers.