Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony, getting support for all the ponies on Dartmoor

Recognition of the value of the pony herds on Dartmoor is long overdue. That DEFRA has considered this submission and are including a pony element in the Dartmoor Test of the new post-Brexit agri-environment scheme is a reason for celebration.

This is a significant step in securing the future and welfare of Dartmoor’s pony herds through the implementation of a Payment for Public Goods. This submission is backed-up by detailed third party evidence, scientific studies and external reports – and has included input from so many: Commoners Association, hill-farmers, tourism businesses, Dartmoor National Park, Natural England, Dartmoor Commoners Council, Dartmoor Hill Pony Association, breeders of registered Dartmoor Ponies and keepers of semi-wild herds alike and us at Friends, a real reason to celebrate the ponies, living in semi wild herds, alongside cattle and sheep to keep Dartmoor as we know and love it, their future secured.

A real Dartmoor team effort. In order to keep DEFRA, on its toes recognising that the ponies on Dartmoor are valued by everyone.Please sign up to our Dartmoor Warrior campaign to get all the ponies the support they need. The ponies must not be overlooked again or they will no longer be found on the moors.