Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony, getting support for all the ponies on Dartmoor

International Homes

Since last September we have found good homes for 13 ponies in the UK and a further 56 homes in Germany. In total we have exported more than 200 ponies to Germany, where they are much loved and enjoyed. It never ceases to amaze us how brilliantly our new owners overseas manage to train even the most difficult of our ponies and that ensures they will have a happy and fulfilling life. Their patience and success with even the most challenging of ponies is amazing. We are delighted to work with these talented horse tamers/trainers.

Overseas Videos posted onto our Facebook page have shown DHP ponies Liberty training, competing in dressage competitions, jumping and generally making us proud of the ponies and enjoying that the ponies from the hills of Dartmoor are so appreciated.

We must also thank our transporters Parkers International who do an amazing job getting the ponies over to Germany, and to see the ponies getting out of the transporter at the other end looking well, calm and content is a tribute to their care and

Our German friends are paying more than £1,000 for each Dartmoor Hill Pony, which includes all our pretransportation Vet checks, paperwork and the transportation costs, and they are happy to do so as they have recognised their true value, lets hope we can also achieve this closer to home while we still have the opportunityto do so.

Finally thanks must go to Sandra Parlow and her team in Germany to whom we are eternally grateful for all their efforts and time on our ponies behalf.