Helpful Head Collars – Sponsorship

Another big thank you to our sponsors this year, they make such a difference in helping us help those foals which we were unable to home either because of underlying problems or that they didn’t look as pretty or cute, usually turns into a duckling swan story.

It is fantastic that the sponsorship money, whether monthly or annually allows us to take in big groups of foals as the cost of hay, hard food, worming, and bedding would otherwise be prohibitive plus it enables us to add value to the ponies by head collar training them, and getting the colts gelded which makes a huge difference to us finding good homes for them.

Sponsored Gelding Cookie – His sponsor is a lovely lady who lives in Australia. Cookie is currently at a foster home with 2 other little friends, he was a late foal and was so tiny when he came to the farm the sheep were bigger than he was. He has grown in confidence and has become a firm favourite with all the volunteers.